Saving Manta Rays with Style: 7SEAS Jewelry Partners with The Manta Trust


As a brand that is passionate about the ocean and its inhabitants, 7SEAS Jewelry is proud to announce our partnership with The Manta Trust, a global organization dedicated to the conservation and research of manta rays. In our effort to contribute to the protection of these gentle giants, we pledge to donate 10 percent of our sales from all items sold to support the vital work of The Manta Trust.

Conservation and research are crucial in today’s world, as our ecosystems face unprecedented challenges due to climate change, habitat destruction, and pollution. Manta rays, often referred to as the “ocean’s gentle giants,” are particularly vulnerable to these threats. Their unique biology and slow reproduction rate make them susceptible to overfishing, entanglement in fishing gear, and loss of critical habitat.

The Manta Trust, founded in 2011, is a UK-based charity that is committed to the conservation of manta rays and their habitats worldwide. The organization conducts research and raises awareness about these majestic creatures, striving to minimize human impacts on mantas and their ecosystems. By partnering with local communities, governments, and other organizations, The Manta Trust works tirelessly to protect manta rays and ensure their future.

One of the most important areas for manta ray research and conservation is the Maldives, a tropical paradise that is home to one of the largest known populations of manta rays. The Manta Trust has established a dedicated Maldivian Manta Ray Project, which focuses on research, education, and community engagement. This project has been instrumental in identifying critical manta ray habitats, understanding their migration patterns, and implementing conservation measures to protect these magnificent animals.

As a commercial supporter of The Manta Trust, 7SEAS Jewelry is helping to fund vital research and conservation efforts to save manta rays. By purchasing our beautiful, ocean-inspired jewelry, you are not only investing in a stylish, high-quality accessory but also contributing to the preservation of these incredible marine creatures.

Join us in our mission to save manta rays and protect our oceans. Shop at 7SEAS Jewelry and know that with every purchase, you are making a difference. Let’s work together to ensure the future of the ocean’s gentle giants, one stunning piece of jewelry at a time.

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