Introducing our 7SEAS bracelets collection, featuring two distinct styles: sterling silver and leather. Each crafted with great attention to detail, these bracelets are not only durable, but also a beautiful addition to your accessory collection.

The sterling silver bracelets are made with 925 sterling silver, ensuring that they will last a long time and will keep their shine. They come with a reliable clasp, keeping your charms close to you at all times. They also come in different sizes for perfect fit.

Our leather bracelets are made with high-quality leather that is comfortable to wear, and it features a durable and reliable clasp. It’s perfect for those who like something casual and elegant.

Both the silver and leather bracelets are fashionable, great quality and makes a perfect gift. They will not only elevate your style, but also keep your memories close to you, on your wrist.

And by purchasing from 7SEAS, you’ll be doing something good for the oceans as well. We are committed to supporting marine conservation and donate 10% of our revenue to the Manta Trust. Upgrade your style and make a difference with 7SEAS bracelets.

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